The Palmetto State Writing Center Association Logo

By Katie Hetrick, Arts Management Major, College of Charleston

I became interested in art during high school. I was fortunate enough to go to a high school that had a great art program and a variety of art classes available to students. Art classes ranged from World Arts and Crafts to an Introduction to Commercial Art, which was my personal favorite. Although I entered the College of Charleston as an English major, I quickly realized that my passion for the arts was not fading. I changed my major to Arts Management because I knew that I would not be happy unless I pursued a degree that would help me achieve a solid career in the arts world.

The idea for the logo came somewhat suddenly. The first thing I thought of when I heard “Palmetto State Writing Lab Association” was of course- a Palmetto tree! I wanted to make sure that the state of South Carolina was represented in the logo, and there is really nothing more symbolic of SC than the famous palm tree and moon. Of course, I needed to subtly add a writing component, and luckily the image of the pen and the trunk of the tree just ran together in my head. I chose to do the entire image in black and white without adding color because as a logo, the black and white help to make the logo more versatile without worrying about if the colors will clash on the newsletter/handout/flyer/etc that it will be placed on.

As for my future in Arts Management, I am unsure about what I exactly want to do with the degree. Publicity is becoming more and more interesting to me; I love designing logos/publicity material because it allows me to channel both my artistic and business skills. A lot goes into designing publicity material, a lot more than just having the drawing skills. Designing logos reminds me of solving a puzzle; a design is truly successful when it both represents the organization successfully and appeals to the eye of the audience. I hope to learn more and more about publicity and how my artistic skills can guide me to a rewarding and exciting career choice.