by Bonnie Devet, College of Charleston

A South Carolina Writing Lab consultant has been published in an international newsletter.

Mary Stamato, a senior English major from the College of Charleston’s Writing Lab, and Dr. Bonnie Devet, Director of the College of Charleston Writing Lab, have had their article “From Answer Key to Spirit Guide: Tutoring in a Secondary School and a College Writing Center” appear in The Dangling Modifier. This newsletter is published by Penn State University for and by peer tutors in writing, in association with National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing.

 Mary Stamato-newsletter pic.JPG

Mary Stamato, College of Charleston.

In her article, Stamato, who had worked in a high school writing center and, then, for over two years in a college lab, describes the benefits of working as a tutor in her secondary school lab, she details the way writing differs between high school and college, and she explains how she tutors differently as a college writing lab consultant than when she was working in her secondary school. She has shifted from being, more or less, an “answer key” in high school to becoming a “spirit guide” for student writers in college.  The article is available at

Congratulations to the College of Charleston’s Mary Stamato!